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Womens Health

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Womens Health / hauora wahine

Menarche through Menopause

For thousands of years Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been helping girls and women with the signs and symptoms of reproductive issues from menarche through menopause. In fact the first Chinese medicine medical texts date back to around 650 CE.

Women's health and reproductive health have been paramount in traditional Chinese medicine culture in recognition of the primary role females have in bearing children and keeping the entire family healthy. Without a vital, healthy and productive matriarch, the family could not flourish.

Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese medicine is often referred to as 'Nurturing Life' itself.

For information about specific complaints, read on or click the link below to jump straight to a topic.

You will be surprised at the versatility of CM in treating and supporting women.

Some of the common complaints addressed through acupuncture and Chinese medicine include:

Premenstrual Tension (Syndrome)

Irregular Menstruation


Uterine Fibroids




check out the other posts (with more arriving weekly) on these and other conditions

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