Winter Fire Sale

We are approaching the winter solstice

We have enjoyed a pretty blessed and mild winter season to date

And we all know from history that the shortest day brings with it the colder and wetter season

So I have decided to help everyone stoke their winter fires by offering a fire sale ...

Book yourself in for a series of 4 weekly treatments to include acupuncture and moxa therapy to warm your organs and bones ... you pay for the first three and the fouth of the series is my shout !

Click on the winta fire picture below to get right to the booking site and book in your first session

After that we'll book the rest of the series including the gift session to wrap

Stoke your fire to get you through a healthy winter this year !!


If you find this valuable or interesting, please help me by sharing it with your circle. Together we can help our communities to consider what is really happening to us.

Get Inspired ... Together we can help create a healthy and vibrant society based on individual freedom and true care for one another. No government can do this, only we can help ourselves. It begins with self-accountability, making smart decisions for your self, your lifestyle, your diet and nutrition and how you spend your time and contribute to your community.

Hei huarahi mā tātou i te rangi nei. Aroha atu, Aroha mai. Tātou i a tātou katoa

A pathway forward for everyone this day ... be respectful & loving to one another

Taranaki Acupuncture at Tahi Health Space

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