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A series of videos, some shorter, some longer, to explore the world we live in. Knowledge is power and self-empowerment will lead you to higher states of awareness, operating at a higher vibration and the fruits of freedom, liberty and "living in the light" will follow.

Awakening is a process, and may not be comfortable as you are challenged with the possibility that everything you have been told may not be based in truth or fact.

There is a time to stand and help ... this video will at least make you give it a thought.

New Zealand Public Party // Billy Te Kahika

“Finally ...”

Billy Te Kahika announces the New Zealand Public Party in a speech that is long overdue. Bold and honest in bringing to the forefront the conversation about government, the recent events of lockdown and its causes, the reality of our present situation and a vision forward to a future with a focus on freedom and health.

It is rare to find people willing to speak up about the state of the world in such a public way. This talk is in line with the theme of the recent blog entries about stirring people from complacency and a sleep state to becoming more aware, more thoughful, more curious and hopefully more engaged. This is a conversation that needs to happen sooner rather than later, if we have any hope of reclaiming our mana and our personal responsibility


It should at the very least make you curious enough to seek information and discover for yourself.

"We must awaken together and bring our families and friends along for this enlightening journey. We must be curious and ask questions. We must live ... fully awake and alive ... with eyes wide open to our experience.

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