Watch Of The Day - 3

A series of videos, some shorter, some longer, to explore the world we live in. Knowledge is power and self-empowerment will lead you to higher states of awareness, operating at a higher vibration and the fruits of freedom, liberty and "living in the light" will follow.

Awakening is a process, and may not be comfortable as you are challenged with the possibility that everything you have been told may not be based in truth or fact.

You will not regret watching this ... and do your own research, please.

“A longer interview presented here with heaps of absolute informational jewels and positivity all around. You will open your mind to the state of your health and the health of the world we live in”

Dr. Bush is a whirlwind of curiousity, energy and inspiration. He is open to new perspectives and has a background that gives credence to his insights that he readily shares with those willing to invest a small amount of their time. If only the offered "curiosity" modeled by this doctor was viral itself - then more of us would be asking questions about decisions that are being made for us, without our knowledge and without our consent.

This video explains nature's goal of biodiversity and sustaining life, and how we, and the viruses are one and the same; how "50% of the human genome is virus - we were made by viruses" and 10% retroviruses (like HIV). From a purely scientific perspective, we were built by the machinery of the virome."

Dr. Bush predicted a year ago that the next major virus would come out of central China. He based this prediction on the premise that we cannot compete with the adaptability of nature and a number of significant factors, including: 1) Nature can and will evolve at any speed it wishes without limitation; 2) humankind is mistaken to think that we (even with technology) can control (out-evolve) nature; 3) Nature will respond the fastest and strongest where it is being pressured most; and 4) Central China has had the highest usage of chemical pesticides and herbicides (glyphosate, etc)


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"We must awaken together and bring our families and friends along for this enlightening journey. We must be curious and ask questions. We must live ... fully awake and alive ... with eyes wide open to our experience.