Wait ... What ?

On the heels of the insightful interviews with Dr. Cowan on the SARS-CoV2 virus is another fascinating bit of information supporting the continued misuse of science and the "scientific method." This amounts to nothing more than scientific fraud to a grossly negligent level considering the information is being used to instill fear into the population, shut down economies and de-socialise a species dependent upon social interaction.

There is a link to the actual journal article which can be a bit dry and unnecessarily complex (as most scientific/medical journal articles are). Dr, Cowan breaks down the information into something more digestible and displaying all of the gems that the causal reader (and media outlet) would otherwise gloss over and miss. Click on the graphin below to link to Dr. Cowan's article.

If so inclined, you can read the CDC journal article from June 2020 right here.

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