The power of ... "why"

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Looking at "why" through our stages of development

At a certain age, many children go through a “why” stage.  They pick an issue, or many issues, and ask why, seemingly over and over, never satisfied with the answers they receive. 

Why is the sky blue?  We answer because the light hits the molecules of water in the air at a certain angle.  Or, it’s because of the prism effect of the light and the air, or it’s because that is how the world was made. 

None of these answers seem to satisfy the child. 

When we are teenagers and young adults, we learn that we live in a free country, that we are living in the post-Enlightenment era in which we believe in science, reason, logic and rational discourse.  We believe and are taught that we can go as far as our reasoning, intellect and imagination can take us.

When we become middle-aged adults, we refine our understanding of the issues in our "fields" or interests.   We learn the precise rules that govern plumbing, electrical appliances, heart function, gardening or whatever resides in our realm.  We learn how to be discerning, we begin to understand all the known facts about our chosen field, and for some, we attempt to expand the boundaries of what is already known.

Finally, as we become elders, some of us learn how hollow the whole realm of “science” and institutional thinking has become. 

The hollowness of this aspect of life in 2020 is tragically evident.  We are in a era now that we can observe and re-assess the idea and claims that we live in a free and fair society where any and all legitimate discourse is not only allowed but also welcomed. We live in a "cancel-culture" where the minority that happens to control academia, entertainment, medicine, and media (icluding media masquerading as "news"), cancels and censors individuals, ideas and information that are not part of their ideology.

The discourse necessary and essential for the advancement of science has also been canceled and people who engage in legitimate questions and research that challenge what is being carefully fed to us are quickly labeled charletons and conspiracy theorists (a term placed into culture by intelligence agencies in the 1960s to prohibit critical thought and discourse and a genuine search for truth in the free marketplace of ideas.

We should all strive to be warriors for the construction of a peaceful and free world by connecting back to morality, spirituality and ALWAYS ASKING ... "Why"

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