Referral Rewards Through November

Health and Wellness for Everyone ... Refer in anyone who can use some healing and wellness care, for treatment and Reward Yourself at the same time! Through November, everytime a new client you have referred comes in for care, you will receive a 50% discount off of your own next treatment !
How cool is that ?
Let's help out 30 new people this month

Just contact me for details or next time you're here at BodySMART pick up a "reward referral" biz card to "pay forward" 👍👍👍 ##sharethehealth

If you find this valuable or interesting, please help me by sharing it with your circle. Together we can help our communities to consider what is really happening to us.

Get Inspired ... Together we can help create a healthy and vibrant society based on individual freedom and true care for one another. No government can do this, only we can help ourselves. It begins with self-accountability, making smart decisions for your self, your lifestyle, your diet and nutrition and how you spend your time and contribute to your community.