Intermission & Celebration

A brief intermission to this series of videos that explore the world we live in. Knowledge is power and self-empowerment will lead you to higher states of awareness, operating at a higher vibration and the fruits of freedom, liberty and "living in the light" will follow.

Awakening is a process, and may not be comfortable as you are challenged with the possibility that everything you have been told may not be based in truth or fact.

The Time Is Now

It is not incorrect to say there is a war on for your mind. At this moment there is a global awakening occurring. You can choose to be a part, or sit aside. There are many pathways to access uncensored information and become a more 'critical consumer' of information. Find the path that you resonate with in your heart (gut, intuition), do additional research and have faith in your own inner wisdom to distinguish 'the' story from 'a' story.
Find sources of information that support and encourage your search for truth in knowledge and choose them over any source that tells you what to think. Think for yourself and be free ... it is your greatest gift as a human being and you should think very, very carefully before giving away that birthright to anyone"

I am introducing an informational source known as QAnon for this intermission. I do not represent that it contains information instead of disinformation. I put it out there only as a starting point for you on your own chosen path. While driven from a group of concerned persons in the US, people all over the world follow its' overriding message presented - to absolutely think for yourself and question the logic of much of the information that is presented to you as fact. I would add that this same standard must be applied to the information on the Qposts.


If you find this valuable or interesting, please help me by sharing it with your circle. Together we can help our communities to consider what is really happening to us.

The information presented is either straight forward or requiring some interpretation. There are a few excellent content creators out there offering "de-codes" of some of the more cryptic information. And if new to this, sometimes this is a good path as it can be succinct requiring less time investment for the busy.
I have been following the board for about three years or so now and still find some de-coding helpful. I suggest you search up Dave Hayes or Praying Medic and find his website or his youTube channel. He has also written a book with an impressive glossary to help decode the information drops.
I like Dave's approach as it is level headed and factual in presentation. I do not always agree with everything he decodes which leads to a healthy balance and teaches me to trust myself while being open to learning from others (the primary message from the Q information drops)

A thought for today - A "just what if"

If you re-arrange the letters in the word pandemic, what emerges is "dem panic."

In reflecting, I see a couple of disturbing possibilities emerge around the whole corona virus situation ...

What if the dem panic (panic of the democratic party - or more inclusively all corrupt politicians - in the US) has driven a hysteria that most of the globe has been unnecessarily swept up into, creating inappropriate fear and social programming to take away the birthright of freedoms of all of us?

... and

What if "covid-19" was just the test ... to see how quickly and far the fear, panic and resulting control could spread through the world, or even allow a retreat into complacency for a more destructive weaponized virus in the months or years ahead?