How can we work individually, yet together to create a good society? We hear slogans like "Think globally, Act locally" but what does that actually mean? Have you ever really thought about that? One of the problems that we face today is that we are bombarded by mass messaging that sounds good enough on its face that we don't ever consider the underlying reality of the statement.

With the above slogan ... we are being sold a save the planet idea to apply in our local community without any regard whatsoever to the desires and requirements of the free and independent people of the local community. With that understanding, and a wee bit of awakened and active thinking, we can see this slogan is nothing more than 'virtue signalling' and another call for centralised governance - a one size fits all approach where the actual needs of your local community are replaced by the ideas of someone, somewhere else in the world. [Also sounds a lot like the western biomedical approach to disease as compared to a Chinese medicine approach to individualised health and well care]

A thought on independent and free thought ...

The Time Is Now To Think Deeply on All Things

If we become mere followers of 'the great,' we will get a collapsed society and a sterile ecosystem. We cannot afford to invest in followers. If good society is to emerge on this planet, it will be through the efforts of creative, caring people. Let's invest all we have in finding and encouraging them ... We need not more diciples, but more apprentices."

This is a beautifully crafted yet simple quote by a man named William Coperthwaite who lived on homesteaded land in a forest clearing on the northeast coast of Maine in the US. He lived a life exploring true simplicity and desired to live in a society where people "are intoxicated with the joy of making things." He spoke out against a broken education system which, like centralised government, was designed to limit developing minds instead of fostering creative through, and altered the passing down of historical accounts to political whim instead of adherence to truth and morality.

Another of my favourite quotes from a book that Bill wrote quotes William Morris and says, "Have nothing in your home that you do no know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." To that I add ... "and preferably both."

This will be a topic for another post ... reducing clutter in our lives and respecting our values

If you find this valuable or interesting, please help me by sharing it with your circle. Together we can help our communities to consider what is really happening to us.

The exploration into creating a good, just and moral world begins and ends with you. Strive to control yourself as that is all you can possibly control. Make thoughtful decisions and live in harmony with your needs and yourself. Only from each of us doing our part can we effect the world around us, one decision at a time. Live well so those around you can live well, and the community around them can live well, and the country around them can live well. Only then will the planet live well - only though individual responsibility.