How did I forget about this one ?

A brief intermission to this series of videos that explore the world we live in. Knowledge is power and self-empowerment will lead you to higher states of awareness, operating at a higher vibration and the fruits of freedom, liberty and "living in the light" will follow.

Awakening is a process, and may not be comfortable as you are challenged with the possibility that everything you have been told may not be based in truth or fact.

The Time Is Now

There's a phrase that we keep hearing these days ... "This Doesn't Make Sense"

Really well presented information on health and positivity during these unprecedented times and the uncomfortable process of choosing to become aware of the world we though we live in.


If you find this valuable or interesting, please help me by sharing it with your circle. Together we can help our communities to consider what is really happening to us.

"The offerings in this blog are meant to stimulate thought and open consideration and questioning of your own viewpoints about how you view the world we all share. The hope of the information is to re-engage our natural curiousity and get in touch with our intuition.
We all feel at some level within each of us that things occurring in the world around us don't feel right or don't 'add up' It's important to have discussions around this with our whanau and community."