Freedom or Fear - The Choice is Yours

Moving toward a more COMPASSIONATE society by TRANSFORMING the misinformation of SEPARATION caused by current social programming measures.

How did we get ever here ? We can only be ruled by our own consent ... Time to wake up folks.

The every shifting goal posts

“Remember when we were sold the term - 'flattening the curve' - as justification for a lockdown and 'social' distancing' (hiding in plain view)”

Early misinformation entrenched itself into campaigns and news stories for what will someday be recognised as the largest social experiment and fraud ever perpetrated on the peoples of the world.

Here in New Zealand the curve was 'flattened' after a week of giving up all of our rights. And the flattening (allegedly to protect the limited medical resources of the nation) was never even necessary as the mortality rate of the virus was exaggerated and overstated, a false narrative that held well past its "use by" date. Don't even get me started on the false classification of death statistics around the world.

Did you know that China's (the origin country of this virus) lockdown lasted 16 days ? And did you know that in Wuhan (the origin city of the virus), the lockdown lasted 76 days ?

Do you know how many people in Aotearoa NZ die from complications of influenza each and every year? Do you know how many die from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and even automobile accidents are each and every year?

Do you know what the age and state of health (comorbidity of presence of other serious disease) was of those who died with (not as a result of) the corona virus ?

Generally we quarantine the sick ... Can you name one other instance in the history of the world that a population of healthy people was quarantined? Where livelihoods were extinguished? Where we were told to separate and distance ourselves from one another and wear masks around in public?

This conditioning is running deep from what I can see.

What happens when we don't apply reason and logic through obtaining more information

Did you know that since the lockdown in New Zealand, suicide is already up 400% from the average over this time frame? 400%! Do you know how much more domestic abuse and child abuse is occurring? Do you have any ideas how many jobs are being lost and will ramp up in the months ahead, or how many small businesses will not be able to recover from something that could have been entirely avoided?

It's you life ... choose healthcare and wellcare

“Social distancing and fear will never contribute to or result in a more connected and compassionate New Zealand. Safety is an illusion at the expense of living with freedom, liberty and dignity"

Fear leads to illness. Separation leads to illness. Distancing leads to illness. We now have a society that believes they will be safe only if they look at everyone they know and love as a source of a dreaded virus! The medical system we have is a sick-care system and not a health care system. This system is germ focused and not people focused - you are nothing more than numbers on your latest blood test or radiology scans within this system.

Free yourself. Eat right, live right. Avail yourself to natural health professionals and products.

The time for reunion is here

No longer the vassals of fear, we can bring order to Aotearoa NZ and build a society based on whanaungatanga an intentional society based on love and respect and genuine compassion for everyone - where we go one, we go all.

What does your future look like?