Freedom and Health ... this government needs to answer up for this continued overreach.

Time to hold our government to account. Did y'all get your emergency alert this morning? This Ardern-lead government is continuing to rely on a baseless campaign of fear to infringe on the rights and freedoms of New Zealanders. The science does not support the continued overreaching mandates of this government. The strategy that they are still employing is being questioned by political leaders, medical professionals and scientists from around the globe. Yet this government is on the brink of another (planned in advance) lockdown which will injure and kill more kiwis than this flu like virus is capable of.

This is your life. Its time to get off the sidelines now and get informed. To continue to watch silently and comply with the unwarranted and unjustified restrictions on your privacy, movement and freedoms is

Two clips above offer information of why this upcoming election is essential if we want to see real change in this government, and accountability for a change.

“Science based and logical,common sense decisions are required”

We need to wake up and step up now

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Get Inspired ... Together we can help create a healthy and vibrant society based on individual freedom and true care for one another. No government can do this, only we can help ourselves. It begins with self-accountability, making smart decisions for your self, your lifestyle, your diet and nutrition and how you spend your time and contribute to your community.