Desperately Seeking A New Way Forward

Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask ... "how did we get here, to this state of things in the world today?"

Whakataukī - Maori Proverb

“He ora to whakapiri, he mate te whakatakariri."
There is strength in unity, defeat in anger.

Other translations for the words "ka ora" and "ka mate" are life and death, so another translation of the proverb can be ... 'togetherness brings the light and life while in anger we are "ka whakainatitia" (divided) and division brings the dark side and death.' Almost hear this in 'Yoda-speak,' can you not.

The message is crystal clear and so very important. We must exit old failed patterns and co-create a new breed of solution, focussing on our togetherness as one people. Reparations and handouts and further reliance on government as a 'nanny-state' will only continue to breed division and dependence and entitlement continueing to wedge between the one people we are and will always be. You would almost think it was someone's conscious plan. We must move forward and create conscious change in our essence of living life in moral harmony.


All Viewpoints Are Required For An Outcome Beneficial To All; As People We Are Same ... Only Our Ideas Differ

Free Thought and Free Speech Must Be Encouraged

Broad Viewpoints From Broad Cross-Section of Community

Full Engagement Required and Encouraged

Common Ground And Common Goals To Come Together

Find Solutions That Benefit Everyone ... Abundance Not Scarcity

Discussion Not Divisiveness; Dissenting Opinions Must Be Valued And Considered.

Become an Active Listener And Hear The Message Being Shared

Everyone Wins - No More Zero Sum Options

Infinite Pie Theory ... You Don't Have To Rob Peter to pay Paul

Future Proofing For Longevity Of Solutions

Youth Inclusion and Education Is Mandatory For Lasting Change In Thought

Ways of the heart and ways of being while moving forward; Rules of engagement.


Respect For Everyone and Respect of Self Through Solid Moral Foundation


Respect, Kindness and Support of Everyone


We Are All Related and Connected; We Whakapapa Back To A Single Ancestor / Higher Source


We Are All Here But Briefly And Must Be Guardians For The Tamariki, Mokopuna, and Papatuanuku

Using the ABCs of moving forward and these rules of engagement, anything s possible. It requires just a shift of model and shift of consciousness away from the head and to the heart. .


Get Inspired

If you find this valuable or interesting, please help me by sharing it with your circle. Together we can help our community to consider how we all wish to be treated, and treat others ... in equinimity, with care, through truth and trust. If we judge, let it be solely upon content of character and actions, while showing compassion to help those who have lost their way to find the light, to choose Ora ... Mauri Ora.

Evolve ... it starts with you, right now.