Shift Out of “Doing” and into "Being"

Updated: May 10, 2020

What the hell does that mean ?

Ready for a journey?

Designing your Being

“What do you wish to say here.”

And why is that important

Are you a human being ... or being human

To err is human - it has been said. Seek your own perfection in your imperfection. Being human is a lifelong process while a human being is just an object.

Always doing, doing, doing. And always more to do.

You Being You.”

Are you ever done ? Do every get everything finished ?

From the beginning of time there has been stuff to do. There will always be stuff to do ... and then more stuff to do ... and then more stuff to do.

The real need that everyone has ... is to be. Only you can be you !

Get Inspired

Be conscious about your doing and make sure it doesn't come at the expense of your being. Break your conditioning to keep doing in avoidance of getting to just be. Come in for a treatment to get started !