Fees (GST Inclusive)


Treatment sessions are all either funded privately by you, or subsidised through ACC (on lodged, approved, active injury claims).  Some insurance companies may cover all or part of your treatment costs - however you will be required to pay for services and submit our provided service invoice to your insurer for re-imbursement after treatment.

The ACC subsidised treatment coverage is discussed below.

Initial intake with treatment will take 75 minutes and cost $125.0 each

Generally, follow-up treatments will take 40 minutes and cost $80.0 each

Some follow-up treatments by agreement be 60 minutes at $100.0 each

For certain conditions, frequent treatments (ususally 2-3 per week) of short duration (25-30 minutes) are appropriate which will cost $65.0 each and must be agreed in advance

Acupuncture is an accepted treatment procedure by ACC for injuries

How does it work?

You will need to visit your GP, osteopath, physio, chiropractor  or A&E first to lodge your injury claim with ACC and then you can see your acupuncturist. Just bring me your ACC45 number.  There is no specific referral required at all once your claim is accepted.  Your injury is pre-authorised for a number of acupuncture treatments that are "necessary and appropriate," based upon your diagnostic READ code.  If it is determined that additional treatment is necessary on your injury, an  ACC32 can be filed on your behalf requesting additional treatments which may be authorised.

Can I have more than one type of treatment at once?

Yes you can, yet not on the same day. For example you could see your osteopath on Monday and then come for acupuncture treatment on Thursday and be covered under the same claim.  Because your providers are billing under separate coverage codes, they are mutually exclusive – in other words your acupuncture visits will not count against your right to see a physio, osteopath, specialty clinic, or even surgeon.

How Much will I pay?

You will pay a $40.0 surcharge per session ($55.0 for initial intake and treatment).  The balance will be invoiced directly to ACC.

My physiotherapist offers acupuncture too, why don’t I just have it with them?

Physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths and even chiropractors sometimes choose to do some limited training in needling.  This is not acupuncture, it is needling from a orthodox western medicine perspective.  This training is primarily geared towards very basic point location and function, and often in a western acupuncture theme – related to needling specific muscles or nerve distributions.  This training is often very brief and limited, and the "service" mistakenly advertised as acupuncture is actually DRY NEEDLING.

As a registered acupuncturist and comprehensively trained* Chinese medicine practitioner, I employ not just acupuncture as a therapy, but the entire range of the Chinese medicine system, based on a rich and detailed medical tradition dating back thousands of years and including in depth relationships between the organs, emotions, channel systems and elemental relationships.  Furthermore, I provide treatment focused not just on the symptom, but primarily on the root cause of your complaint so that effective and lasting results will follow.  The service we provide is not a hobby craft, I have dedicated much of my life to the study and practise of oriental medicine for your holistic benefit.

*  Masters Level Training, before post graduate studies, involves in excess of 3,500 hours study and practical training