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ancient wisdom
modern application

highest quality chinese herbs

highest quality local sourced oils and waxes

traditional-inspired formulation

from the monks of the shao lin temples

get your natural, high quality, effective supplements now

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silverDragon brand
tendon and ligament salve
aromatic formulation

for those who absolutely need that "tiger balm" fragrance

$ 26

inspired from the famous "hit medicines" (die dat jiao)

of the monks and gongfu masters of the shao lin temple

hand made salve from local and imported ingredients


ru xiang (frankinsense)

mo yao (myhrr)

tao ren (peach pit)

hong hua (safflower)

qiang huo (notopterygii)

du huo (angelica)

sang ji sheng (chinese mistletoe)

chuan xiong (ligusticum)

du zhong (eucommia bark)

xu duan (dipsacus)

gui zhi / rou gui (cinnamon twig and bark)

sheng jiang / ganjiang (ginger)

with the aromatic additions of

menthol crystals and camphor crystals

in coconut oil, apricot kernal oil, safflower oil, vitamin E and beeswax

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