Your Health and Safety are of paramount importance when sourcing and stocking all of my acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping supplies, as well as all herbal and nutriceutical supplements


I use organic or wild crafted products where possible.  My needles come from South Korea.  Many of my supplements come from Taiwan or the US where quality assurance is the highest available

Restoring Balance and Health to your life

For 5000 years acupuncture and herbal medicines have been healing people and helping them to maintain their health.  Your TCM assessment will reveal the root imbalances causing your symptoms.  This imbalance can be treated with natural medicines and acupuncture treatment using micro-fine sterile needles offering deep relaxation during treatment.  All herbal medicines and nutriceutical supplements are meticulously sourced to the finest GMP standards available

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Soft Tissue Manipulation, Cupping and Gua Sha

Shiatsu / TuiNa techniques manipulate fascia, muscles, tendons and joints along the acupuncture channel systems to invigorate the qi and blood  restoring smooth flow and function.  Cupping and GuaSha techniques lift stagnation from deep in the body making it easier to correct to promote healing

Using warmth to encourage proper flow

Our years of combined experience have taught us the best ways to provide safe, effective treatments to care for our patients. Jump start your your immune system with a relaxing, calming treatment and start seeing results. Contact us today or click a book now button to book your appointment and check out what you have been missing.

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