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is not merely being... not unwell

te rongoā hainamana mo tōu hauora

why taranaki acupuncture?

trust the experience of others in your community

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compassionate and effective service

three decades of healing experience

master of science degree in chinese medicine


where to find us

in the calm and serene healing space of wellness hub okato

holistic health collective

serving coastal taranaki

personalised service

the right treatment

for the right client

at the right time


traditional acupuncture practitioner

chinese medicine practitioner

acc authorised provider

how can chinese medicine change your life?

can help you sleep better

better sleep means better rest and recovery from you active days allowing optimal organ function

may decrease anxiety
& depression

depression and anxiety will control your life if you allow that.  chinese medicine may help control excessive emotional swings

can reduce your stress levels 

low stess brings calm and reduces inflamation everywhere in the body.  less stress brings better overall health and well being

can improve energy, attention & concentration

your qi (vitality, prana, mauri) will thrive when your organ systems are balanced and optimised 

"we can help support you to become the best version of you and help you realise that just maybe everything you have been told is wrong with you ... is actually right with you."

taranaki acupuncture & chinese medicine

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